Toxic Gases Toilet Caution Cone

Toxic Gases Toilet Caution Cone


  • $8.47

The smell of a number 2 can sometimes be too hard to handle. Warn friends and family early with the Toxic Gases Toilet Caution Cone!Leave outside the bathroom door (or on the toilet seat lid if you have a floater problem) to pre-warn them before they take a lung full of foul fumes. The orange cone is a miniature version of the classic traffic cone and can be used for bathroom and toilet smells, along with other rooms if you have just let off a ripper. Mark the contamination zone efficiently with our Toxic Gases Toilet Caution Cone before they smell danger. The Toilet Caution Cone features a warning of 'DANGER! TOXIC GASES...GIVE IT 10 MINUTES' so that your fellow housemates will be well prepared for finding an alternative privy.

  • Keep the toxic toilet fumes well identified!
  • "Give it ten minutes!"
  • Let them see before they flee.

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