Terramundi Money Pot - Wishes & Dreams in Silver S27

Terramundi Money Pot - Wishes & Dreams in Silver S27

Terramundi Pots

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Etruscan Money Amphora
Terramundi money pots are hand thrown in Italy to a design
which is over 2000 years old. The British Museum holds early examples of
such "Etruscan Money Amphora".

A Great Gift
One of our best-selling lines, Terramundi earthenware money pots are
really making a name for themselves across the UK. Suitable for young
and old, they are hand-painted in London in dozens of great patterns and
designs, and we are pleased to offer a wide selection.

What is a Terramundi?
There is no way to remove money from a Terramundi once you have put
it in. By long tradition, a Terramundi money pot must be fed until it is
full, at which time it must be smashed- releasing both your savings, and
the fortune card which comes with every pot- whilst making a wish. A pot
full of mixed silver can be expected to reward you with around 200.

It is then customary to replace the pot and spend the money on 'good
things'. The broken pots can be used as holders for plants and candles,
or even as a desk tidy. We would recommend inserting the 'claw' of a
claw hammer into the money slot, and levering upwards, in order to break
off the top of the pot cleanly.

Terramundi stand between 17cm and 19cm high.

Every Terramundi Pot is handmade so colour/pattern may vary slightly
from the picture shown.

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