Terramundi Money Pot - Baby Pink S49

Terramundi Money Pot - Baby Pink S49


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Terramundi Money Pots are hand thrown in Italy and hand painted in London in a gorgeous and imaginative range of designs and logos.

Are made of ceramic and stand between 17cms and 19cms high and each pot can hold up to £200 in mixed silver coins or £400 in gold coins.

Each pot contains a fortune coin and comes with an information leaflet and a desire card which should be dropped in with the first coin.

Terramundi Money Pots, or Amphoras, are made to a design which has been used in Italy for over 2000 years, the hand thrown design remains unchanged and early examples can be seen in the British Museum.

Money pots are believed to bring good fortune and once the first coin is dropped in, the money pot needs to be fed until full,

when it should be broken open whilst making a wish.

It is customary to replace the pot and to spend the money on good things.

Broken pots are sometimes used to hold house plants or candles or other small household items, they're beautifully decorative after they've been opened.

  • Handmade in Italy, handpainted in the UK
  • Money pots can hold up to £200 in mixed silver or over £400 in gold coins.
  • Money Pots stand between 17 to 19 cm high, doesn't have a bung in the base
  • Prise the top off when it's full, Terramundi pots can often be used as a plant pot etc after being opened if it's done carefully
  • Many other styles available from Gifts Direct 2 U Ltd

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