Schleich North America Giant Volcano with T-Rex Playset


  • $189.00

The earth trembles from the force of the volcanic eruption, and the prehistoric animals run away as fast as they can. But then the big T-Rex appears too. Can you catch it and lock it in the stalagmite cave under the VOLCANO? on your adventure, you will also find a fossil that was dislodged from the side of the VOLCANO by a rock fall and broke into lots of puzzle pieces. The giant VOLCANO also includes lots of other exciting animals like reptiles and amphibians as well as a dinosaur trap, a water hole with removable water surface and points to insert plants.

  • In an assembled state, the volcano reaches a height of 26cm and is even optimally suitable for playing with the large Schleich dinosaurs
  • Pressing the mysterious skull releases the stalactites – sealing off the entrance! with cool dinosaur trap
  • Removable water surface with secret hiding place for small water animals!
  • Pressing the big stone triggers an eruption!
  • Hand painted figurines
  • Dinosaurs included: T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Stegosaurus Skeleton

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