Papo Figure Humpback Whale Toy Figure

Papo Figure Humpback Whale Toy Figure


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Product Description

The Humpback whale is one of the world's largest animals. Found in all of the world's oceans and seas, this cetacean mammal measures 15 m on average and can weigh up to 40 tonnes. What makes it so distinctive are the large fins and the bulge on its head. It also stands out for its colors - black on top and white underneath - which may sometimes be admired during spectacular leaps out of the water. Apart from their majestic appearance, the whales are known for their complex songs which sound to human ears like some strange and fantastic melody.

From the Manufacturer

Humpback - New highly detailed whale to add to your collection. He measures approximately 4" tall and 11 1/2" long. Features an articulated jaw, so his mouth will open and close. Part of the Aquatic Animals Collection. More than 15 years ago, Papo decided to create animals, princesses, dragons and knights. They strive to manufacture long-lasting, beautiful toys. Quality of the design and materials used remains their main concern. Another special characteristic of their figurines is the care in the details and postures, which gives the impression that the figurines are animated. Each are hand painted and are manufactured to very strict specifications. Lastly, Papo figures are created to assist the support of play and development. The diversity of their products and the interaction of different worlds also stimulate the creativity and imagination of children of all ages.

  • Develops dexterity and sparks the imagination
  • The wildlife is experienced playfully
  • Beautifully finished and durable
  • Great detail
  • About 11.5" long
  • Part of the Aquatic Animal and Sea life Collection

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