Papo Collectable Model Animal Toy - Smilodon Saber-toothed Tiger - Prehistoric Figure


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Product Description

With its impressive canine teeth measuring up to 20 cm, the Smilodon holds the record as the most powerful big cat which ever existed. It has been nicknamed the "Sabre toothed Tiger". appearing around two and a half million years ago in America, this predator is believed to have lived in groups and hunted much like present-day Lions. Smilodons could attack large animals such as Bison or young Mammoths, which they would probably have hunted in packs. The last remaining smilodons became extinct around 10,000 years ago.

From the Manufacturer

Smilodon - New highly detailed prehistoric cat, also known as a saber-toothed cat, to add to your collection. He measures approximately 6.5" long. Part of the Prehistoric Animal Collection. More than 15 years ago, Papo decided to create animals, princesses, dragons and knights. They strive to manufacture long-lasting, beautiful toys. Quality of the design and materials used remains their main concern. Another special characteristic of their figurines is the care in the details and postures, which gives the impression that the figurines are animated. Each are hand painted and are manufactured to very strict specifications. Lastly, Papo figures are created to assist the support of play and development. The diversity of their products and the interaction of different worlds also stimulate the creativity and imagination of children of all ages.

  • Develops dexterity and sparks the imagination
  • The wildlife is experienced playfully
  • Beautifully finished and durable
  • Great detail
  • About 6.5" long
  • Part of the Prehistoric Animal Collection

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