Bestway H2O GO! THE BLOBZTER Giant Water Filled Spraying Splash Mat and Drench Pool


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Designed to get kids moving, grooving and out of the house, the H2OGO! Blobzter is quality-tested and puts the focus back on fun! This combination of a blob and slide will keep your kids cool all summer long! Water fills through the valve on top of the blob, creating a cool surface for playing, lying on or racing friends to a wet drench pool finish! With 3 lanes to slide on, kids will love bouncing all over their new squishy Blobzter with their friends! When finished with the Blobzter, water can be easily drained through the top nozzle or through the drain valve at the bottom. Playing, sliding and splashing in the sun has never been more fun than with the H2OGO! Blobzter.

  • The H2OGO! Blobzter combines a blob and a slide for super summer fun
  • Water fills through the valve on top of the blob for a cool, playing surface
  • Water sprays on top of blob for additional fun
  • 3 lanes for kids to race down to a drench pool finish
  • Water drains through top nozzle or bottom drain valve

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