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A Girl For All Time - Matilda Your Tudor Girl Full Set


Your Tudor Girl!  


  • Matilda,
  • Matilda's Velvet Cloak,
  • Matilda's Night Shirt,
  • Matilda's Masked Ballgown,
  • Matilda's Secret Novel

'My name is Matilda Marchmont.Two days ago I would have said that I had the most boring life in the world, but ALL THAT HAS CHANGED. The day after my thirteenth birthday I left my sleepy country home and family to travel for three freezing cold days on horseback to London...to join the glamour and craziness of Henry VIII's court. I've only been here two hours and already its been terrifying, thrilling, shocking, weird and really exciting. My only friend in the world is my secret diary, which I lock in a hidden compartment in my traveling trunk. But I can share its pages with you... if you can keep it secret too... I'll be sharing court-life: the fashions, the food, the intrigues surrounding the queen... and whether I survive it all!

Matilda is made from high quality, durable vinyl and is 16 inches tall with articulated elbows and knees. Matilda, Your Tudor Girl™ comes dressed in a gorgeous velvet 2-piece dress with a burgundy coloured kirtle. Fur trims the sleeves, and her head-dress is finished with white beads. Shoes, underwear, and a key necklace complete the outfit.

Matilda is winner of the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center.

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