Top Ten: Birthday Gifts for your kids 2016

Posted by Adrian Bennett on

Running out of birthday gift ideas for your friends and family? Buying the same presents over and over again, year after year? With so many birthdays to think about we all dread the long annual search for the perfect gift. Look no further – here are our top ten choices for birthdays, chosen to please all characters, all you need to look for is the wrapping paper!

1. Enesco Decorative Wine Glass

Beautifully painted with a huge range of messages and designs, a simple but effective decorative present just waiting to be filled at the party!

2. Julie Dodsworth Grow Your Own

A lovely present for green thumbs and brown thumbs alike. These beautiful pots contain easy to sow seeds and soil, which with a bit of watering and luck will grow to brighten the windowsills of your loved ones.

3. Onyx Art Cufflinks

With a wide range of innovative designs, these smart and unique cufflinks by Onyx Art will make a stand out present for any man.

4. Kew Vintage Soy Candles

Aromatic and opulent, these natural soy candles from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens will be a delight in the homes of your friends and family. There’s even one with added danger for the gentlemen.

5. Enesco Statues

Sure to delight the young at heart, these intricately designed statues from their favourite childhood stories are a beautiful gift to brighten their special day.

6. Lilliput Lan

A beautifully decorated miniature cottage, all decked out for the birthday celebrations! These cute little houses are sure to be displayed and treasured forever.

7. Guzzlers

These fun wine bottle holders, with a cool design to match every personality, are sure to become a talking point in any kitchen.

8. Corinne Lapierre Felt Craft Kits

    Perfect for creative minds, these gorgeous make-your-own craft kits by Corinne Lapierre will keep your friends and family busy and add beautiful bright decoration to their homes.

    9. Bea’s Wees

      These cute little clay friends are designed to bring happiness to whoever you gift them to. For holiday or ev-wee-day, for inspiration or affirmation, there is a Bea’s Wees that will speak sweet, simple messages to the recipient. 

      10. Topi Designer Toilet Paper

        Add a bit of colour to the loos of your loved ones! These amazing toilet rolls come in a range of fun designs that will bring a smile whenever they’re used!

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